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If you are looking for retro photo booths in Georgia or South Carolina to have at your next event, BoothFever! Photo Booths is not for you! Really, BoothFever! is the un-retro modern photo booth experience.

When you see what we offer, we think you will agree it is the best Georgialina photo booth available - at any price. Just so happens that our photo booth service costs less than many lesser Georgialina photo booth rental companies! Whether your event is upscale or on a budget, BoothFever! Photo Booths is your photo booth connection.

Photobooth rentals are easy to book with us and BoothFever! can handle your event wherever it is held. Alabama to North Carolina from Charlotte to Birmingham. We can sniff out a good party anywhere! For a small travel fee, there is nowhere too far!

Don’t settle for a black box on wheels! Did you know that the arcade style rental photo booths hold 2 or 3 at a time on a little bench seat that is only 3 feet wide? BoothFever! Photo Booths let everyone get into the action. Our photo booths accommodate 1-10 of your crazy guests. Our photo  booths are also wheelchair accessible.

There will be no one left out of the fun of our booths. BoothFever! can handle your wedding, corporate event, reunion or party of any kind. We operate multiple photo booths in Georgialina, so if you need more than one, no problem. If your event is upstairs and there is no elevator, we have you covered. BoothFever!

Photo Booths are built on-site and can be configured just the right size to fit your venue. BoothFever! provides the best photo booth Georgialina has to offer!

When that curtain gets pulled shut, almost anything can happen, and it usually does!

The fact that there is no photographer in the photo booth will not inhibit your guests creativity and make for the some of the best photos of the evening.

People have so much fun taking pictures inside a photo booth, from the standard portraits to the more creative expressions, to just plain silly.

Catch BoothFever!